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Tom Summerall April 15, 2014 864 The Future of SiteGrinder


The intellectual property of the dissolving Media Lab corporation has been licensed to a new company, Caduet Corporation, for the purpose of continuing to develop SiteGrinder.

Please see this link for details:


The following message has been sent to our full list of SiteGrinder users.

Dear Media Lab Customer,

We have a very unfortunate announcement to make. After almost 20 years of creating innovative multimedia and web productivity tools we are forced to close our doors. Media Lab is in the process of officially dissolving as a corporation. 

As many of you know we have been having crippling financial challenges for the last eighteen months and as a result have lost a number of key employees. As a small company with modest sales and no investor support we have been unable to return to sustainability from this. Media Lab's managers have been working without compensation for many months in an attempt to find investors to help turn things around. At this point we have exhausted every realistic avenue and have had to make the decision that no business owner wants to even contemplate. 

This will be a major disruption but not a total dead end. At this time we will entertain serious offers from any party who would like to take over the SiteGrinder project and has the means to do so. ( We are already in talks with one group that has expressed interest. If no agreement of this kind is reached then we plan to open-source SiteGrinder, which would allow continued development by anyone. In either case such a change will probably result in an improvement in fixes and feature additions to the project over what we have been able accomplish recently in our difficult financial condition. 

We will announce information about this process on the new blog linked below as we have it. We will also try to answer as much as we can on this forum until the ZenDesk system is closed or transitioned. 

We are in the process of transitioning documentation, downloads, etc to free services. Going forward we will be updating the blog at with additional information because our website at will eventually be closed. 

For current projects we highly recommend keeping a bootable version of your operating system and Photoshop version because new versions of Photoshop and/or your OS may not continue to be compatible. 
Below you can find specific information about the transition: 

1. Activations 
We will be releasing a version of SiteGrinder in the near future with some bugfixes. For the moment the activation system will function as before but it will probably change with the transition. At the very least a new version of SiteGrinder will be released that will still allow activation once the domain is transitioned to new owners. 
The Media Lab store is closed. If an agreement to transition the product to a new company is finalized sales will recommence as soon as possible with the new company. In the event of open-sourcing, of course, there will no longer be sales of the product. 

2. Documentation 
For the time being we will keep the documentation wiki alive. We are looking into converting it into a free wiki format. It will also be made available as a pdf. The documentation wiki will be moved to a free service and we will announce its new location at the sitegrinder2014 blog mentioned below. 
You can export your own version of the wiki docs from this page: 
The instructional videos will remain on YouTube. 

3. Support 
March 14th was the final date for monthly paid tech support renewals. Paid support will continue through April, after which point we will be closing the Zendesk ticket support system. After that point support will be limited to public forums or will be taken over by the new company. 
Some of the original SiteGrinder development and support team members may be available for freelance consulting on specific projects in the future. Check for updates on this. 
The best resource for your specific support questions is the frequently updated Solution Finder page in our documentation wiki: 

4. Other Tools You May Want to Consider 
While no product or service works exactly like SiteGrinder, there are a number of choices for similar workflows. Some of these solutions even address some of SiteGrinder's weaker areas, such as its inability to create "responsive" mobile sites. 
- There are a few PSD-to-web online products available that will auto-convert PSDs to web code. 
- There are slicing services available that will also perform this function, including setting up a CMS. 
- Adobe Reflow in conjunction with Adobe Muse may be a good option for many of you. 
- Web sites like,, and provide robust online WYSIWYG page design and CMS tools. 

5. Our Website 
The website will be going away in the next few months. Updated information will be posted to
We are heartbroken at this very unfortunate turn of events. 

Thank you for your support in the past, and we wish you well in the future. 

Tom Summerall & Chris Perkins 

Media Lab Inc.

Tom Summerall April 11, 2013 Announcements

Our wiki host is changing their product offering.  Unfortunately this means the wiki formatting and URLs will change, although they claim the old URLs will redirect automatically once the migration is complete.

While the old Wiki is supposed to remain available through the migration it appears to be down as of this morning.  UPDATE: The old wiki has been restored by the hosting company.

The new wiki location will be here:

Tom Summerall March 29, 2013 Announcements

Our wiki hosting company has changed their product offerings.  

Unfortunately we have had no choice but to convert to a less feature-rich wiki platform since they no longer offer the platform as we have been using it since the introduction of SiteGrinder 3.

You'll notice some changes:

- No longer customized to look like the Media Lab site

- The menubar is no longer there

- The table of contents is no longer displayed along the left side of every page

We are still assessing the full range of changes and how we can reinstate previous wiki features within our new constraints.

We apologize for any confusion of inconvenience.

Tom Summerall February 13, 2013 Announcements

I apologize for the state of our support right now.  We are acutely aware that robust tech support is a major priority for a software company and have traditionally provided some of the best support in the industry.  Unfortunately such support for every question we receive is not possible at the moment given our current staffing situation.

Media Lab sales have been hit hard in the past year and, as a result, we have been unable to maintain our excellent tech support staff.  Tech support for SiteGrinder is especially challenging because our support engineers must be expert in not only SiteGrinder, but also Photoshop, HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery, AJAX, PHP, Web server configuration, and more. As you can imagine, this skill-set makes our support engineers extremely valuable in the jobs marketplace.  In addition many tech support questions involve lengthy complex investigations into things like novel hosting incompatibilities, and cannot be answered quickly.  The result of this situation is that we literally have more support questions than we can answer.

Customers who have urgent problems can pay as little as $15 to enter the paid support priority queue.  The response time for this queue is usually same day on weekdays during normal US business hours.

This situation is not one we chose, it is one we have been forced into.  Media Lab will continue to provide the best support we are able to, including fixing bugs, but we do ask your patience given the constraints placed on us right now.


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